Moorland evacuated, Aller Road closed

We understand that all residents have now been evacuated from Moorland today and troops from 40 Commando are combing the area to make sure no one has been left behind or needs help. Meanwhile in the day’s most futile exercise, Lord Smith visited Somerset in an effort that most local people see as 5 weeks too late. His errand appears to be to defend the indefensible, an EA policy that most believe has done nothing for the people of Somerset other than expose them and their property to danger. He has apparently made a statement that he has no intention of resigning.

Meanwhile the EA are attempting to evacuate as much water as possible through the Parrett Relief Channel and will be using high volume pumps at Sowy and Kings Sedgemoor Drain in an effort to clear the decks before the next rain storms arrive this weekend. As a result the A372 from Aller to Othery will be shut today and across the weekend as the pumping operation reaches its peak. Please find alternative routes, do not under any circumstances ignore the road closed notices.  Please do share this information with friends and family so that everybody knows.


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