Michael Eavis says “Vote Labour”

On Friday (15 November) Michael Eavis warmly welcomed Kama McKenzie, Labour’s parliamentary candidate for Wells constituency, to Worthy Farm, giving her his full support.
Affordable housing is a topic close to Eavis’s heart,  to date he has built 68 affordable homes in Pilton, which he has reserved for local families under long-term tenancies and vows never to sell.
Labour’s plans to build 1 million affordable homes over the next ten years, really resonated with Eavis. He says: ‘It’s incredibly important that families can stay in their
local area, feeling secure with homes for life.’
Eavis was also full of praise for the successful turnaround of Glastonbury’s St Dunstan’s School, where McKenzie is a parent governor.
Eavis told McKenzie – the first woman candidate to stand for Labour in Wells – that he looks forward to voting for her in the upcoming general election. This will not come as a major shock as Michael Eavis once stood for Labour himself, back in 1997.


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