Mendip candidates

Last but by no means least we have the list of candidates for Mendip District Council.

Mendip has thrown a few surprises out. It is the Somerset District which has the largest number of Green Party candidates standing. By my count they have fielded more candidates than Labour. In three District Wards there will be a two horse race between a Green Party Candidate and Conservative:


Cranmore, Doulting and Nunney


In three other seats there are also just two candidates, this time a LibDem and a Conservative.

St Cuthbert Out North



UKIP also have two candidates one for Rode and Norton St. Philip and the other in Rodney and Westbury. There are a spattering of Independents too. You can find the full list of candidates here: Mendip District Council election candidates

It is the towns of Frome, Shepton, Street, and Glastonbury and the City of Wells where there will be most candidates standing and seats will be hotly contested. And it is once again Wells St Cuthbert’s that will have the spotlight with Council Leader Harvey Siggs and his one time deputy John Osman both seeking election as Conservative candidates.

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