Livestock rustlers strike again

A herd of cattle have been stolen from a barn in a remote location near Hinton St George.

The barn door was forced open somewhere between 4pm on January 12 and 8am the following morning.
A total of 11 cattle were stolen during the raid including British Friesian, Hereford Cross, and British Blues. However each animal is tagged with a yellow ear tag containing the reference UK342697.
To take 11 cattle means the thieves must have had a large transporter with them.

PC Simon Reeves, the area neighbourhood beat manager is appealing to the public for information “We would ask any members of the public who have any information relating to the theft, or have been offered animals for sale, to contact the police.We also would like to hear from anybody should they see cattle being transported late at night. It is extremely unusual to move cattle after dark at this time of year.

Anyone with information about the cattle theft is asked to call 101 and quote reference 5220010016

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