Langport, Martock and Turn Hill declared

No surprises in the election on the doorstep of Leveller Towers. The newly combined Curry Rivel, Huish, Langport ward returned the two sitting Conservatives, Clare Paul and Tiffany Osborne. The full result was as follows:


Cury Rivel, Langport and Huish

Sean Dromgoole (Lab)      243

Francis Geen (Green)       413

David Harrison (LD)         324

Catherine Mowat (Green)  293

Tiffany Osborne (Cons)  709

Clare Paul (Cons)        631

Kate Pettemerides (LD)    302


Conservatives hold some ground

Meanwhile another high profile loss for the Conservatives was Nick Weekes in Cary Ward where two LibDems were returned including Cabinet Member Henry Hobhouse. It was not all bad news for the Conservatives. County Councillor William Wallace safely retained his seat in Blackmore Vale where the Conservatives won both seats with over 1,000 votes each. Independently minded Conservative Linda Vijeh also won comfortably in Neroche Ward


Martock results in

Neil Bloomfield and Louise Clarke won both of the seats available in Martock with votes of 1035 and 843 respectively. The nearest rival was Conservative candidate Lindsay Colebrook


Meanwhile over in Turn Hill we have our second Independent candidate elected where Gerard Tucker who previously held the seat for the Conservatives, won by a substantial margin from Conservative County Councillor and cabinet member David Hall. The full vote count was as follows:

Turn Hill

Julia Gadd (LibDem)         142

David Hall (Cons)             215

Guy Smith (Lab)                64

Gerard Tucker                  622

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