Labour vote holding up in Bridgwater

Early results in from Sedgemoor suggest Labour is doing well in one of their few strongholds in Somerset.

In Dunmear Ward Labour’s Mayor Diogo Rodrigues and Alexia Bartlett won both seats. In Bridgwater Fairfax three Labour candidates: Hilary Bruce, Alex Glassford and Graham Granter won all the available seats. While in Bridgwater’s Westover ward Brian Smedley and Kathryn Pearce were returned comfortably and Eastover too returned two Labour candidates, Li Gibson and Tony Hetwood.

In Bridgwater Hamp County Councillor Leigh Redman topped the list and Labour’s other candidate Elizabeth Leavy won the other available seat.

In Victoria Ward Labour’s Julie Cordiner had to share the spoils with Conservative Lance Duddridge and Labour’s worst result was in Bridgwater Wyndham Ward where Gil Slocombe and Rachael Lilley won fro the Conservatives.

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