Labour launch at Cheese & Grain

Somerton & Frome Labour party officially launched their general election campaign at the Cheese and Grain this evening. Candidate for the seat Sean Dromgoole was joined at the start of proceedings by the Labour candidate for Wells, Kama McKenzie.

A packed auditorium saw Mr Dromgoole launch the campaign with an attack on the LibDems, but the party not the members. He said “we have to remember that a lot of people used to vote LibDem when it was the party of Shirley Williams, Paddy Ashdown and Charles Kennedy. Those voters haven’t changed. What has changed is the party under Jo Swinson….she served under David Cameron… voted for austerity…. the bedroom tax…you name is Jo Swinson voted for it.

Meanwhile he took aim at the Tory incumbent in Somerton & Frome, David Warburton also drew his fire “What Johnson has done is take a lesson from Donald Trump, he’s fired all the sensible ones, the Ken Clarkes, Dominic Grieves and Amber Rudds are all out on their ears.  Now his party is in hock to the European Research Group the Mark Francoises, the Steve Bakers, Liam Foxes, Ian Duncan Smiths, Jacob Rees Moggs and yes – down at the bottom of the list, purely for alphabetical reasons, Mr David Warburton.”

The Labour candidate identified three key issues for the election, the NHS, Climate and Education.

We’ll bring you updates from other party launches as and when we hear about them…..


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