Kingsbury May Day Success

Kingsbury May Festival returned with a massive bang this year. With a new road closure system to keep the village car free and revised car parking arrangements there was a lot of anxious waiting to see how everything would come together.

The day itself was brilliant. Despite the gloomy forecast the sun made an unscheduled appearance, the temperatures rose to 3 degrees higher than expected, and the crowds turned up and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

What can we say? A truly hilarious Punch & Judy show, the Langport Mummers with The Yarlington Wife, the food – oh the food! The ‘Village Green’ in Harry’s Field, the music, Reg Meuross in st Martin’s Church, Morris dancers, Maypole, Green Man … the list goes on.


These days the costs of putting on a major event like this that takes over the entire village for a day are not trivial. The organisers are still counting the funds and hoping they have at least broken even.

They certainly deserve to after putting on such a great show. It has become such a fixture of the Somerset calendar. Wouldn’t it be great if they could attract regular financial support in the form of a grant from the District (SSDC) or County Council or perish the thought – the Arts Council….

Just sayin….


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