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Following our report last week on a Parliamentary exchange in which Ian Liddell Grainger (MP for Bridgwater and West Somerset) likened Taunton, a city he does not represent, with Aleppon, another city he does not represent there has been some further clarification in the House of Commons. For your entertainment this is what passed:

Ian Liddell-Grainger Conservative, Bridgwater and West Somerset

On a point of order, Mr Speaker. In business questions on Thursday, I likened my local town to Aleppo. The Official Report unfortunately described it as “a leper”, which, as you can imagine, is somewhat different from the message I was trying to get across. Although it was probably righter than me, may I ask your guidance? I am happy for the record to stand, but it was not in fact what I actually said.

John Bercow Speaker of the House of Commons,

It could be quite difficult now for the hon. Gentleman to correct the record, although if he wanted to consult the Table Office about a written question he might put down, he could probably find his own salvation. For the avoidance of doubt, the hon. Gentleman, as I understand it, was referring to a place, the title of which begins with an A and, because it is a place name, with a capital A; he was not referring to someone suffering from a very serious and regrettable disease. I hope that that is helpful to him, in so far as he is communicating with the “Bridgwater Bugle” or some other organ of note in his constituency. I am sure he will want to ensure that the facts are known, and I have the impression from his grinning countenance that he is satisfied with that reply.

Is there a Bridgwater Bugle? Perhaps there should be?

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