Jobs to go at County Hall


  1. N Clifford Reply

    Remember those days of yore when the useless tories claimed to be the party of business and “economically competent”? Long gone it seems, like they should be.
    Sympathy to all those public servants threatened with the dole, when it should be the councillors responsible.

  2. James MOCHNACZ Reply

    When will the penny drop? Somerset County Council run into the ground by Conservatives. District Councils – Mendip, Sedgemoor, Taunton, West Somerset like wise. 5 Conservative MPs. When will the Tories have the guts to speak up and say “Somerset deserves better than this.”
    I hear of one local Tory MP being severely berated by Westminster to ignore the constituency, “this here (Westminster) is where it is important, not your constituency.” The reply? Ba, baa, baa.
    Unitary is a serious solution. Council taxpayers are paying more and more and receiving less and less services.
    Wake up peeps.
    You deserve better but you got to know why you keep getting the short end of the stick. Its how you voted.
    Also the Barnett formula is screwing English Counties rotten. Crazy’ crazy district council “investments in retail” are the scandal of the next decade. Mendip – investing in Chepstow, Swindon, Truro and latterly Frome.
    Guess who will pick up the bill for failed retail investments by our district councils?
    Congrats to the Leveller. But you need a much wider readership.

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