James Heappey holds Wells

Conservative James Heappey 30,488 3.20%
Liberal Democrat Tessa Munt 23906 5.90%
Labour Andy Merryfield 7,129 4.90%
Christian Peoples Alliance Lorna Corke 320 0.50%

James Heappey has had his fair share of stick during this campaign. One of two Somerset MPs to be cleared in the 2015 election expenses scandal just before this election took place he now wins again with a comfortable majority. Remember in 2015 a UKIP candidate did well in this seat which is why the four remaining candidates have all seen their vote go up sicne last time. Here too we are sre seeing a consolidation into two main parties, it is just that here it is the LibDems that are doing well at the expense of Labour.

Tessa Munt though will have to settle for the consolation of being a County Councillor and having unseated former leader of Somerset County Council John Osman  a few weeks ago.

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