Iron Age site found in Somerton

It was not what everyone was expecting. You set out to build a new school on the edge of town. Then you find someone beat you to it, by around 2,000 years.

Work on the new building for Somerton’s King Ina School at Northfields has uncovered evidence of an Iron Age settlement. There are clear signs of  roundhouse buildings and some artefacts, including pottery. The exact age is still to be determined, but it is not so far from the Romano British and iron age settlements found a couple of years ago at Bowdens quarry on the edge of Langport.

It may be a blow to hopes to get the school built quickly, but the law is there to preserve our heritage. Which will mean more to study when the new school finally opens.

For now experts working for the South West Heritage Trust will examine the site and extend the area of the excavations. Wessex Archaeology will record the site and conserve any artefacts.

Meanwhile children from the school have been shown around the site by archaeologists leading the excavations.

Iron age somerton 2

As to the school, the aim had been to open for the September 2020 term. However given this  significant discovery the project won’t be completed until early 2021.


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