I see no ships!

Thank heavens we do not have a Brexit crisis.

Only a day or so ago Boris Johnson was proclaiming we had barely 100 days to sort Brexit out. Prompting a comparison with Napoleon’s 100 days from Elba. Which also ended, by coincidence near to Brussels.

On assuming power the new Prime Minister got straight to work appointing a new cabinet.

It all had a real sense of urgency to it. Everything had been couched in terms of a national emergency. This was a time for action.

Then this evening the following announcement appeared from the House of Commons:

Thursday Jul 25, 2019 5:30pm: House of Commons rises for summer recess 2019. Commons Chamber will next sit on Tuesday 3 September 2019

And there we were thinking there was urgent business to attend to.

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  1. Phil Flowers Reply

    With a “Remain” commons its best they go spend our money or their holidays. Then return refreshed secure in the knowledge that fail to delivery on halloween our exit of the EU there will be unprecedented uprising of action against them.

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