Huish is still “Good”

The December edition of The Leveller will carry a review of the secondary schools in Somerset and how they have been rated by Ofsted. So the publication today of the latest Ofsted report on Huish Episcopi Academy is timely (well if you can call having to rewrite a piece before going to press ‘timely’!).

The report will give a lot of comfort for Huish Academy pupils and parents and is an endorsement of the work of Chris Wade, his teaching team and the Governors of the school. Reading through the praise for what the school has achieved, it is almost hard to believe the school was not in danger of being rated Outstanding!

The only criticism levelled at the school, and it was not emphasised as of huge concern, was that the overall curriculum, while good in most parts, did not have a ‘strategic vision’ that has led to a few gaps and some overlaps in teaching of the curriculum. Most of the report was glowing and it is worth pulling out a few highlights:

“You have worked diligently to improve the policies and practices in place to
safeguard pupils. This includes updating the security of the school site. You have
not sought to make excuses for some of the shortcomings in the past and have
welcomed external scrutiny. ”

“Leaders are responsive and supportive when staff raise concerns about pupils.
Referrals are managed promptly, and leaders take appropriate action.”

“Leaders have thought carefully about how the curriculum will contribute to the
different strands of pupils’ personal development.”

“Pupils regularly discuss issues to help them become active and responsible citizens.
For example, pupils in key stage 3 talk about self-image and self-esteem and think
about how they can eat healthily.”

“You have developed support for pupils who find behaviour expectations difficult to

“It is common to see positive interaction between staff and pupils, and between
pupils, during break and lunchtimes.”

“You base the culture of the school on clear expectations and fair consequences to
help pupils to make positive choices.”

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