Heart of the South West LEP accounts

In our February issue we discuss the fact that the Heart of the SW LEP does not produce full accounts. What it does do is publicise long lists of revenues and costs on the County Council website, without totals and without the data having any great meaning.

It does also publish dormant company accounts. These we mentioned in our article, tell you virtually nothing about the LEP. We thought we would like to share the accounts with you so you can see for yourself how little information they give away.


You can find them and download them here Heart of the SW LEP acs

Now I should stress, that the LEP are doing nothing illegal. They are complying with all the rules. But by disclosing the information in the way they have done it, I think it is very difficult for the ordinary taxpayer to have a clue as to what they are up to.  So take a look.

Perhaps you don’t agree but at least you have the information with which to form a judgement.

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