Heappey reaps rewards of ambiguity

Yesterday we reported that James Heappey, MP for Wells had not resigned. Ministerial colleagues handed in their notice in protest at the lack of integrity of their leader. Mr Heappey sat on his.

Eventually he responded to the Leveller with an ambiguous statement. He noted he agreed with his colleagues. He didn’t say which ones. He suggested he would sit tight for reasons of national security.

Today with a “lame duck” Prime Minister waiting to go, Mr Heappey is rewarded. Johnson has promoted him to Minister of Defence.

These days it seems the fact you didn’t actually resign, is considered loyalty enough. Whether that will wash with the new PM when chosen, only time will tell.

Rebecca Pow who bravely resigned, but only after the Prime Minister May not be so lucky. The timing of her statement may not serve her well. For Johnson it still seems like betrayal. For a new zoom it may look like cynical opportunism. Again, time will tell.


  1. Graham Livings Reply

    “WELL is it known that ambition can creep as well as soar”!

    Good morning, Major Heappey

    Hope this finds you in the ‘interregnum’ I believe it important you’re aware of ‘grass-roots’ the writer over fifty years in this unique place; having the privilege to be acquainted with both Robert Boscawen MC and David Heathcoat Amory FCA, notwithstanding having contested ‘parliamentary’ elections against both, acting as ‘agent’ for the UKIP PPC that disposed of the latter, sometime, Deputy Chief Whip at Maastricht.*

    I will ‘assert’ under the ‘incumbent’ Prime Ministership, the next General Election here in Somerset will be a wipe out ‘gifted’ to an ‘inept’ Liberal Democratic ‘cohort’ as witness the recent Somerset Unitary Authority, itself a ‘misnomer’ with the ‘balkanisation’ of North Somerset and remnants of B & NE Somerset therein a ’cause celebre’ for Somersets MPs/Councillors of whom not one Conservative member responded to my varying ‘missives’. With your local ‘root’ similarly the ‘truncated’ once proud City and County of Bristol. WECA a ‘nonsense’ a ‘noblesse-vision’ are you up to it?

    All ‘nine’ Somerset MP acquiesced in the demise of our local newspaper, pace the Cairncross Review ‘elevated’ to the ‘ether’ of the House of Lords. Were the Mid Somerset ‘archives’ returned in their entirety pace your raising on the ‘floor of the house’? The ’emergent’ largest-circulation ‘newspaper’ across the ‘truncated’ Shire County of Somerset the LEVELLER the ‘repository’ of what the ‘lamented’ Sir Ray Tindle espoused!

    “Ich Dien”!

    *Friends, Voters, Countrymen: ISBN O OO711914 3 Boris Johnson
    Confessions of a Eurosceptic: ISBN 978 1 78159 048 5 David Heathcoat Amory

  2. Jim Mochnacz Reply

    D Warburton MP (S&F) is not any kind of minister. Lying doggo for past three + months. Maybe that qualifies him, in Bodgers twisted logic for promotion?

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