Good news for Somerton

The 17th October was not a good day for unity at Somerset County Council. The war of words between the Administration and the Opposition that started in the Emergency County Council Meeting, carried on into the Cabinet Meeting that followed.

It was however a good day for Somerton.

Despite (so I’m told by Local Democracy Reporter, Daniel Mumby) some barbed comments aimed at the townsfolk by Council Leader David Fothergill,  the new school was approved. SCC sometimes loses touch with other people’s reality. When at approximately 2.30pm on a Wednesday afternoon Councillor Fothergill commented “it’s a “poor show” that no-one from the school, town council or Somerton is here” I wonder if it occurred to him that they were actually at work. In fact if someone from the school had been there they would no doubt have been criticised for shirking.

Nevertheless Cabinet unanimously approved the new school to be built at Northfields and delivered by 2020. The work to build the school will now go out to tender.

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