Girls only

Oh Really?

I thought it was 2019. But then I suppose it is nearly over. I had hoped that the sort of gender stereotyping I was brought up with had vanished. Lost in the mists of what younger people are now describing as “history”. So imagine a small degree of shock, actually quite a jolt, to see the headline in a press release:


​This is not remotely mitigated by the information that they are “FOR UNDER £15”

The items in question are Top Trumps cards from the Disney Film “Frozen”. Apparently if you want to “join Elsa, Anna and friends as they embark on a whole new adventure away from the kingdom of Arendelle and into uncharted lands” you need to be female. According to the blurb that came with the promo you also need to be Age 6+.

Isn’t this a thing of the past? I wonder if Disney would market the film Frozen as a film just for girls? Alongside Cinderella? And maybe The Lion King is just for boys?

In an age where most children and young adults take no aspect of gender for granted, this seems to be marketing from the Jurassic Age and I suspect it will not go down well.

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