Giant ambitions for Bridgwater

Exciting news from the organisers of the Bridgwater Carnival last month. They have confirmed that for the eight consecutive year they will be receiving support from Arts Council England (ACE).

The Arts Council confirmed that they have granted £34,010 to the Carnival. A spokesperson for the Arts Council told The Leveller “This investment will develop skills and artistic development for the 2019 festivities,  community engagement activities with children and young people, disabled led groups, and other local groups will run through educational workshops. This public funding also supports emerging artists, helping them to progress careers in carnival arts, a thriving industry which the South West is known for. Arts and culture can have a huge social benefits and Bridgwater Carnival is helping us to achieve our mission by bringing it to more people.”

For 2019 the Carnival Committee are inviting carnival artists to apply to commission, create and deliver giant puppets which will be a major new addition to the 2019 carnival which will be on the 2nd November.

The original idea for giant puppets (see photo) seems to be relatively recent. French company Royal de Luxe founded in 1979 came up with the concept and they have appeared on three occasions in Liverpool to great acclaim. If Bridgwater can pull this off as part of Carnival it will be a considerable achievement.

There’ll be a full report in the July edition of The Leveller.


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