Fysh increases his majority

Conservative Marcus Fysh 32,369 12%
Liberal Democrat Jo Roundell Greene 17,646 -3.40%
Labour Ian Martin 7,418 5.40%
Green Party Robert Wood 1,052 -2.10%
Independent Katy Pritchard 919 1.50%

Marcus Fysh the other Somerset Conservative to have been cleared of 2015 election expenses problems, is back with a vengeance. Again the absence of UKIP has had a big impact on this result. But whereas elsewhere we have seen the second placed party doing well, the LibDems actually lost ground it what used to be one of their safer seats. The complete mess over candidate selection has once again done them no favours with the electorate and as in Somerton and Frome, the Labour vote has emerged unusually strong for this neck of the woods. Once again the Green candidate will be disappointed not to have added to their share of the vote.

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