Frome River pollution latest

The Environment Agency continues to investigate the apparent pollution to a tributary of the River Frome over the weekend. The waters of the tributary turned a vivid colour of turquoise. In a statement to The Leveller the EA confirmed “the contamination area is contained. We are still awaiting the results of the sampling.

EA river frome

This afternoon in an update on the situation the EA issued the following statement “We continue to investigate why a tributary of the River Frome in Somerset turned bright blue. We now know the cause of the pollution and who was responsible. We cannot comment or share any specifics as further action may be required. We will work with all parties to prevent reoccurrence. There are no reports of dead wildlife or fish. We continue to monitor the tributary and the River Frome and work with the responsible parties to remove the pollutant and ensure it does not spread further.

Earlier we checked the main course of the River Frome and there was no obvious sign of contamination.

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