Free to Wales tomorrow

In October the Department for Transport announced the abolition of tolls on the two suspension bridge crossings between England and Wales. The roads carrying the M4 and M48 have charged a toll (in one direction) since each bridge was built.

In their statement the Department announced that the bridges would be toll free from Monday 17th December. We are pleased to report that work on dismantling the tolls started on Thursday evening and that the bridges are ready to go toll free, on schedule, tomorrow morning.

Be wary as there will be some lane restrictions while the work to remove the toll infrastructure is finished off.

But it is a Christmas present for those travelling to Wales over the festive season to be with family and friends.

Beleaguered Secretary of State for Transport Chris Grayling was relieved to have some good news to announce “Abolishing these tolls will also cut costs for businesses on both sides of the river, giving them a huge boost to help create new opportunities and new potential for growth.” Quite. Now what about sorting out our rail services?

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