Flooding update

Somerset County Council tell us these are the current road closures due to flood water. We could not get any details from SCC over the weekend and these were published during today. I believe they are up to date but not necessarily complete.

Cutts Road (East Lyng/Athelney) – Emergency Closure Gates in use

New Road (West Lyng/North Curry) – Emergency Closure Gates in use

Langport Road to Muchelney road – Emergency Closure Gates in use

Vellows Way at Luxborough – closed due to water flow undermining the road surface

Chipstable Road, Chipstable – closed due to large tree down across road near the church

It is disappointing that this information was not available over the weekend and although it is probably just a cover the backside exercise, mildly frustrating that SCC blithely tell us the list is not complete.

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