Flooding on the Levels update

The information below was issued by the Environment Agency yesterday evening.

Flood Warnings and Situation update

There are still two severe flood warnings in place and four flood warnings. River levels remain very sensitive to further rainfall. Significant issues still include:

  • · Muchelney, Thorney and Langport –The area is still suffering from significant flooding to roads and property. All pumps in Langport are still turned off but will be operated as soon as downstream conditions allow.
  • · West Sedgemoor The levels at West Sedgemoor Pumping Station remain high but stable. One pump is operating at the pumping station and will continue to pump as long as conditions allow. Properties are still cut off.
  • · Curry Moor – Curry Moor remains full and sensitive to changes of levels in the River Tone. There is still a risk that Baltmoor Wall could overtop again if we get significant rainfall over the weekend. The spillways at Hookbridge and Athelney are still running. We continue to monitor the situation closely at Curry Moor and will commence pumping as soon as conditions allow. The rivers continue to react very quickly to additional rainfall and as a result any pumping may be short-term to avoid flooding further downstream. We continue to monitor the situation. The A361 remains closed and this will be the case until the spillways stop running and the levels in Northmoor and Saltmoor drop.
  • · Northmoor and Saltmoor – Northmoor and Saltmoor Pumping Stations are operating at full capacity. We currently have over 50 pumps serving the area in and around Moorland. We are currently investigating options to construct a track to improve vehicular access to Saltmoor Pumping Station. Levels at Northmoor and Saltmoor are rising slowly at a rate of approximately 1.5mm per hour. (But may increase with incoming rainfall)
  • · Huntworth – Four large capacity Dutch pumps have been installed near Newhouse Farm to allow us to pump water from the moors into the River Parrett as and when needed.


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