Flooding and pumps – an update

We have received the latest update on the flooding situation across the Levels from the Environment Agency at 6pm this evening. Please do share this with those who do not have easy access to the internet and whose homes are under threat.

Muchelney, Thorney and Langport – The roads leading to the villages of Muchelney and Thorney remain flooded and impassable. All pumps in the Langport area are still turned off to help alleviate the situation downstream. River levels in the Yeo and the Parrett are falling but remaining high and drain levels remaining high but dropping slowly.

West Sedgemoor – The levels at West Sedgemoor Pumping Station remain high but stable. One pump is operating at the pumping station and will continue to pump as long as conditions allow.

Curry Moor – The levels at Curry Moor are reducing as a result of river levels dropping and more water entering by gravity rather than pumping.  The moors remain full and sensitive to changes of levels in the River Tone.  The spillways at Hookbridge and Athelney are still running.  We continue to monitor the situation closely at Curry Moor and will commence pumping as soon as conditions allow. Levels in the River Tone need to drop by a further 20cm to allow the pumps to operate.

Please bear in mind that the rivers continue to react very quickly to additional rainfall and as a result any pumping may be short-term to avoid flooding further downstream. We continue to monitor the situation.

The A361 remains closed and this will be the case until the spillways stop running and the levels in Northmoor and Saltmoor drop.

Northmoor and Saltmoor – Northmoor and Saltmoor Pumping Stations are operating at full capacity. We currently have over 50 pumps serving the area in and around Moorland.

The Level at Northmoor is falling slowly at a rate of approximately -1mm per hour.

Huntworth – Four large capacity Dutch pumps have been installed near New House Farm to allow us to pump water from the moors into the River Parrett.

Sowy – Monksleaze Clyce Sluice remains closed.

We currently have eight pumps in place at Dunball, four of which are once again in use after relocating pipe work upstream of the scour damage that occurred this weekend.  The other four pumps will be operating again within 48 hours.

Levels in the King’s Sedgemoor Drain will continue flowing under gravity when the tide allows.   Once levels in the King’s Sedgemoor Drain have reduced sufficiently, we will be able to gradually divert more water from the River Parrett through Monksleaze into the Sowy. This will help alleviate pressure in the River Tone and Parrett downstream. This is the section which affects flooded communities in Moorland and Northmoor. This operation will also provide a reduction in levels upstream of Langport.

Westonzoyland – All pumps (including the five temporary pumps) are operational and water levels in the Penzoy (Andersea Main Rhyne) are stable.

Following the update sent out last week regarding pumping operations and the temporary pumps at Beer Wall and Dunball, we have received some enquiries asking whether this work will increase the flood risk to Westonzoyland.  Any additional water will be added very gradually by gradually raising Monksleaze Clyce – we will monitor this operation very closely and shut it down if there is significant risk of flooding to Westonzoyland or properties in Aller. We do not anticipate any flooding to properties from letting this additional water down the Sowy.

As an additional precaution we have installed some temporary defences and sandbags in Aller Drove and Westonzoyland. It is likely that the Monksleaze Clyce will be operated at the end of this week at the earliest.

Aller Drove – Please see the text above on Monksleaze Clyce (under Sowy).  We have placed some temporary flood defences along Aller Drove to mitigate any increased flood risk here.

Long Load – Levels in the River Yeo have dropped off and are now stable.

Brue and Axe – River levels in the catchment remain high but stable with no significant issues.

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