Flood news received today at 3.15pm

The following update was received from the Environment Agency this afternoon. Please pass on the information to those that need to know and may be unable to access the internet.

Downgrading the Severe Flood Warning for Saltmoor and Northmoor including Moorland – a number of properties remain flooded, but the overall extent and depth of flooding at Moorland, Fordgate and Northmoor Corner has reduced over the last ten days. Flood water continues to disrupt access routes to these villages. The high spring tides over the last few days have restricted our ability to operate pumps during the early morning and evening. These high tides are now subsiding which will allow us to maximise our operation of the pumps we have in place at Northmoor, Saltmoor and Stanmoor. This, combined with the favourable weather forecast we have for the week ahead, should allow flood levels to continue to recede. We continue to closely monitor the risk posed by flooding locally and this message will be updated on our website and via the Floodline telephone service with the latest information.

Severe Flood Warning still in place for the A361 East Lyng to Burrowbridge – Whilst Athelney spillway is still running, much of the A361 between Burrowbridge and East Lyng remains under several feet of water and therefore a Severe Flood Warning remains in place for this location.

Significant issues still include:

  • Muchelney, Thorney and Langport – The roads leading to the villages of Muchelney and Thorney remain flooded. There is one pump operating at Midelney and one at Huish Episcopi. We are monitoring the situation closely and will increase the number of pumps operating as soon as possible. Monksleaze Clyce has been opened to 84%.
  • West Sedgemoor – The levels at West Sedgemoor Pumping Station remain high but stable. One pump is now operating at the pumping station and we will increase the number of pumps as conditions allow.
  • Curry Moor – The levels in Curry Moor have fallen allowing three pumps to be operated. We will increase this number of pumps as soon as conditions allow. The A361 remains closed and this will be the case until the Athelney spillway stops running and the levels in Northmoor and Saltmoor drop further.
  • Northmoor and Saltmoor – Northmoor and Saltmoor Pumping Stations are operating at full capacity. We currently have over 50 pumps serving the area in and around Moorland and are evacuating approximately 1.5 million tonnes of water every day, subject to tidal conditions and necessary maintenance. The levels at Northmoor and Saltmoor are dropping.
  • Temporary track way at Northmoor – As you know we have constructed a temporary track with the permission of a local landowner. The track way was to enable us to access our local pumping stations and allow us to reach the area where local properties on Northmoor and Moorland are being protected from flooding. It had not been intended for general access. It is our understanding that this has now been reviewed and the landowner has kindly offered to allow local residents to use the track between 06:30 and 09:00, and between 16:00 and 19:00.
  • Sowy We currently have eight pumps in place at Dunball, all of which are operational and running during high tides. Water in the King’s Sedgemoor Drain will continue to flow into the Parrett estuary under gravity when the tide allows, currently passing 70 cubic metres/second (known as cumecs) of water. The pumps remove an additional 16 cumecs.
  • Westonzoyland – Water levels are now nearly back to normal and are being maintained by operating the fixed pump. The temporary defences that were installed as an additional precaution at Aller Drove and Westonzoyland are still in place.
  • Aller Drove – Please see the update on Monksleaze Clyce (under      Sowy).  We have placed some temporary flood      defences along Aller Drove to mitigate any increased flood risk here.
  • Long Load – Levels in the River Yeo have risen      today. Levels on the adjacent moors remain high but have started to fall      slowly.  There are no pumps currently      operating due to high downstream river levels at Long Load, but we hope to      remove more water in the next 24 hours if conditions allow.
  • Oath – see West Sedgemoor for an update on pumping activity. All roads into the village remain flooded

Our Incident Hotline No is 0800 807060 and ask to speak to the Flood Incident Duty Officer for the area. Floodline No: 0845 988 1188 or 0345 988 1188

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