Final, final word

After the Frome Times published a letter from LibDem candidate Adam Boyden yesterday, we received a response from Dr Andrea Dexter, the Green party Candidate. The content of that letter need not detain us it is the response to it that we thought noteworthy.

It is the last election item we will publish before the counts are concluded – in our part of the world that usually means around 3am on Friday morning.

It is one of the more positive inputs we have had during this election campaign and it is, we hope you will agree, a good note to end on, whoever you intend to vote for.

I am not going to respond now to Mr Boyden’s letter in yesterday’s Frome Times. We have really difficult challenges as a country, and the next government must work on behalf of us all ( with a bit of help from the Green Party!).

Please vote according to your own values and be true to yourself or you will lose that democracy that your grandparents cherished and fought for.

I believe that a vote for the Green Party will influence government policy and direction, whatever the final result in our constituency. Thank you for all the support and kindness you have shown me through this election campaign, and I hope to be in a position to work for you all one day.

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