Ferne Animal Sanctuary – charity shop in Langport

On April 4th the Ferne Animal Sanctuary will be opening a new charity shop in Bow Street, Langport.

Based in Wambrook, near Chard the sanctuary was founded in 1939 by the late Nina, Duchess of Hamilton and Brandon. Initially the animal sanctuary originally looked after the pets of servicemen and women who were going away to fight for their country. Set in 51 acres of glorious Somerset countryside, Ferne Animal Sanctuary is home to over 300 domestic animals, farm animals and birds. However the Sanctuary’s dilapidated kennel facility was nearly 50 years old when they started fund raising for a replacement. The fear was that it would not last another winter. Last month a brand new facility was opened on site after a successful £1m fund raising.

Charity shops are a mixed blessing on the High Street but in this particular case, the local element and the fact that it is a much loved animal charity should make them a welcome addition to the Langport community.

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