Fallon to close Norton Manor Camp

Norton Manor Camp just outside Taunton has been the home of 40 Commando, Royal Marines since 1983. Prior to that it had been a training base, supply depot and during the war part US Army supply depot and part British run prisoner of war camp.

The base supports the Marines and their families providing accommodation and recreational facilities. A long and venerable connection has been nurtured between the Marines and the town of Taunton.

But not for much longer. Today Michael Fallon, Secretary of State for defence has pronounced it surplus to requirements and it is to be sold off (along with five other sites from across the South West.

The new plan will see Marine units concentrated around Davenport with more army support provided in the Salisbury Plain area. The MoD has asserted that releasing the site will provide funds for better quality purpose built accommodation to be built to house our armed forces.

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