Extra Lorries Approved

EdF’s request to increase HGV movements from 500 to 750 every day until their jetty at Hinkley Point is fully operational was approved today by the Transport Review Group, subject to completion of a legal agreement.

The Transport Review Group, made up of representatives from Somerset County Council, West Somerset Council, Sedgemoor District Council and Highways England, met this afternoon and approved EdFs request for the temporary increase from January 2018. The decision will also see acceptance of a mitigation package in excess of £4m that EdF put forward. The mitigation must be related to the impacts caused and be proportionate to them. It cannot be secured for wider community benefits.

The extra funding will be used to help maintain roads, contribute to the Somerset County Council’s traffic control centre, and create more walking and cycling routes. It will also support construction of the long awaited Colley Lane Southern Access Road which has now been given the green light to proceed to construction in the spring next year (more on this in next month’s Leveller).

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