Excellent a grades

You have to take these things in context. This year we are told that 25.5% of A-level grades were A* or A. If that sounds good then think again. It is the lowest proportion since 2007.

The performance of Taunton’s Richard Huish College students is therefore something of an exception. The current cohort will be celebrating a very successful year of A Level and Vocational results. The Class of 2019 achieved an A* to B pass rate of 53%, and an A* to C pass rate of 78%. The overall A Level pass rate is again an outstanding 99%.

More specifically 72 students gaining three or more A/A*grades, 17 of these gaining three or more A* grades.  The highest achiever gained four A Level results comprising of 4 A* grades. Against the background of falling grades that is quite a performance.


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