Election fever grips Langport

Unbridled enthusiasm for elections seems to have broken out in the town of Langport. After several years in which it has been hard to muster enough candidates to fill the places, no fewer than 24 candidates have been nominated for May 7th to contest just 11 places. I’m not sure if this is a long standing record, but it is certainly the best for a decade.

Of course it would now be rude not to vote. After all if so many have put themselves forward, the least the electors can do is voice their support for one candidate or other.

With the vast majority of councils, right across Somerset, failing to get enough candidates to make an election happen, this is a real breath of fresh air. Meanwhile Langport’s Town Clerk has offered all candidates the opportunity to send information about themselves to the Town Clerk so that it can be published on the Town Council website ( If you do not use the internet you can send details to the clerk by post to David Mears, Town Clerk, Langport Town Hall, Bow St, Langport TA10 9PR. The Clerk will verify that any details submitted conform to election rules and legislation before publishing information about any candidate. Information must be received no later than 12 noon Monday 20 April and will be uploaded to the website on Tuesday 21 April.

If this is the shape of things to come, then please, bring it on….

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