EdF to be prosecuted over Hinkley

Today we were notified by the Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR) that they would proceed with a prosecution of EDF Energy Nuclear Generation Ltd and Doosan Babcock Ltd one of the tier 1 contractors working at the site.

The charges relate to an incident on 12 April 2017 at Hinkley Point B which resulted in injury to a Doosan Babcock Ltd employee.  The incident was a conventional health and safety matter and there was no radiological risk to workers or the public.

The decision to prosecute follows an investigation into the incident by ONR, the UK’s independent nuclear safety regulator. Proceedings are currently scheduled to commence at Bath Magistrates Court on 12 September 2018. The ONR told us that “For legal reasons we are unable to comment further on the details of the case which is now the subject of active court proceedings.

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