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Gut feeling can count for something after all. The last 48 hours have certainly looked to me as a non technical outsider, to indicate that the new infrastructure and works put in place since 2014 have held up well over the last 48 hours. The latest report from the Environment Agency seems to support that view. It is included below for information but the general summation is all is under control. In the words of Douglas Adams “don’t panic”!

Weather and general overview for Somerset

The general situation on the Somerset Levels and Moors is improving.  The forecast predicts an average of 4mm of rainfall today and 1mm tomorrow.

River levels on smaller watercourses have peaked, lower parts of the River Tone and River Parrett are continuing to rise.

  • The River Tone is currently peaking between Taunton and Burrowbridge.
  • The River Yeo has just peaked between Ichester and Langport.
  • The River Isle will soon peak in Midelney.
  • The River Parrett has peaked at Chiselborough.

The following spillways are running, which is normal for this time of year:

  • Hookbridge
  • Allermoor
  • Beazleys

The following pumps are currently working:

  • Northmoor
  • Stockmoor
  • Stanmoor
  • Westonzoyland
  • Saltmoor

The damaged pump at Northmoor will be (was?) removed this morning and we expect it to be repaired and returned to the pumping station by the end of the week, depending on the level of damage. If the damage to this pump is significant, we will deploy a temporary pump to replace it – if needed.  We are also bringing in a large generator to Northmoor to provide additional back up to the pumping station should another power failure occur.

Improving picture

Water levels are expected to reduce considerably over the next 24/36 hours. At no point during the past 48hrs have we been anywhere near to activating our Trigger Points.

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