District Council Results

Whilst Somerton could not muster sufficient candidates to have an election for the town council, the District Council seat of Wessex at least provided a contest. Dean Ruddle now finds himself in the enviable/unenviable position of being town, District and County councillor for Somerton! Wessex ward returns two candidates unlike Langport, see below, which returns just one.

Langport which had been a safe LibDem, seat for Roy Mills over the past 20 years, saw a change in the political landscape that reflected the national picture. Previously a safe seat Clare Aparicio won for the Conservatives by a substantial margin and over 41% of the vote.

Results for both wards are given below:

Langport & Huish Ward
Election Candidate
Party Votes %
Clare Aparicio Paul
Conservative Party 685 41% Elected
Julia Mary Frances Gadd
Liberal Democrats 473 29% Not elected
Cara Ann Naden
Green Party 295 18% Not elected
Sean Adam Dromgoole
Labour Party 199 12% Not elected
Wessex Ward
Election Candidate
Party Votes %
Dean Ruddle
Conservative Party 2114 52% Elected
Stephen Richard John Page
Liberal Democrats 1326 33% Elected
Frankie Ashton
Labour Party 589 15% Not elected

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