Did you say that?

South Somerset District Council have just released the results to date of their public consultation on Yeovil. The plans under the banner Yeovil Refresh will draw on public opinion to improve the town centre.

  • You would like to see additional street tree planting and ornamental planting within the town centre
  • You would like to see more public space for events and entertainment and more areas for friends and family to gather
  • You would like better cycling and pedestrian access from Yeovil Country Park, with clearly signposted destination points
  • You would like to see enhancements to the front of shops so there is an overall better shopping experience
  • A water feature, increased level piazza and enhancements to the surrounding buildings are popular features for the design of the Bandstand area

And five questions to go with it:

  • Is this how you see Yeovil?
  • Is this the vision for the town centre you would welcome?
  • Does it go far enough?
  • Is it real change or just tinkering?
  • Is it a waste of public money or good value for the town centre?

Whether you agree or disagree there is still time to have your say. The consultation runs until 5pm on Monday 19 August. You can have your say here

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