Deputy Prime Minister at Huish Academy

Pupils at Huish Academy  had their work interrupted today with a visit from Nick Clegg, Deputy Prime Minister and leader of the LibDems. Principle of the Academy Andrew Davis told us “We’re delighted to welcome the Deputy prime Minister, but it is also an opportunity to say thank you for the work that David Laws in particular did to help us get funding for the new geography building at the school.” Nick Clegg arrived with David Rendel, the LibDem candidate and the incumbent MP for Somerton and Frome, David Heath.

Mr Clegg took time to walk around the school, was shown the new school building and took time out to talk to pupils in an art class and later a drama class too.  There was of course the inevitable shoal of journalists in close attendance (guilty as charged milud) to ask lots of questions about the LibDem prospects in Somerset and the horrific events in Paris.

But today was first and foremost about schools and if Nick Clegg has now had the chance to hear at first hand from the younger generation, there was no doubt from the comments after the visit that a quite a few youngsters have just become a lot more engaged with politics.


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