Curry Rivel to get parking restrictions

If you’ve ever been through the centre of Curry Rivel, you’ll not need me to tell you the High Street is a nightmare. Cars parked on either side of the road and sometimes both through the centre of the village bring traffic to a halt. Of course there are two ways of looking at this. As frustrating as it is for motorists, it also slows traffic down and provides an undersigned speed control.

Now Somerset County Council are set to act. In an order dated 5th September parking restrictions are to be introduced. There will be no waiting at any time will run from the Garage to Hillside Close, but that is relaxed to 1 hour waiting and no return within the hour are to be imposed on the short stretch of the High Street outside the OneStop shop.

The order cannot come into effect until 26th September as Somerset County Council has to give the public 21 days to object. If you wish to object then contact Area Traffic Engineer, South Somerset Area Highways Office, Mead Avenue, Houndstone Business Park, Yeovil, BA22 8RT or email

The Order made under the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 and Traffic Management Act 2004  is stated to be for the purpose of avoiding “danger to persons or other traffic using the road or any other road or for preventing the likelihood of any such danger arising, or to preserve or improve amenities of the area through which the roads run.”


  1. Theresa Sharp Reply

    I have lived on the main road for over 30 years and yes it’s a nightmare now to those driving through..
    We always parked opposite our house until we altered our drive now it’s easier to get in so we dont need to, however if the cars parking opposite church Street junction were to show a bit of consideration and park further up outside what was the butchers that would practically solve the the children could cross the road at the railings which is totally not safe at the moment.
    My suggestion would be to put double yellow lines by the railings say 35ft down towards one stop and up as far as Hillside close and that would take the traffic back to how it used to be. Yes still parked cars but it flowed then and calmer with spaces to get in.
    As for no parking now that would be a nightmare for all as the speed through here is horendous that really doesn’t pay to think about.
    Also without sounding rude the people who can make these decisions might drive through on odd occasions but never actually see it at its worst or the speed of the vehicles, with a school and lots of children it’s only a matter of time before someone gets hurt.

  2. Anthony Greenaway Reply

    I came across this by chance whilst looking at Curry Rivel facebook page. The same information is on the Curry Rivel community website along with another related article regarding a change of status for the parish which could lead to more housing . The traffic through Curry Rivel averages 7000 vehicles a day and this is rising due to uncontrolled housing in Langport and Somerton). I don’t like to be pessimistic usually but if there is resistance to more housing without local employment, the amount of traffic going through Curry Rivel and Langport is going to become even greater.
    The Parish council wants local residents to contact South Somerset District Council and object to the proposed changes in status of Curry Rivel and get them to restrict housing to where there are employment opportunities .

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