Following the resignations of Dean Ruddle (Somerton) and Neil Bloomfield (Martock) from the Conservative Group at Somerset County Council, there have been further changes down the line. Both councillors sat as District Councillors for their respective areas on South Somerset District Council (SSDC). Whilst Cllr Ruddle now sits as an Independent at County Council, Neil Bloomfield has resigned from the Conservative Party and joined the LibDems.

This has very little impact on the political balance at County Hall. At SSDC by contrast, it has been something of a seismic shift.

Prior to the changes SSDC had no overall control but with the LibDems having the largest grouping.

Liberal Democrat             30 seats               50%

Conservative                      26 seats                43%

Independent                      4 seats                 7%


Today it has changed to a council controlled by the LibDems:-

Liberal Democrat             31 seats               51%

Conservative                      25 seats                42%

Independent                      4 seats                 7%

The percentages are very finely balanced and as such, there are no major changes planned to the political splits of SSDC’s Committees.  However, as Cllr Bloomfield sat on Regulation and Standards Committees as a Conservative member, he will step down from those and the Conservative Group will need to nominate replacements.

He may remain on the Licensing Committee as it is not in political balance.

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