Cocklemoor back on the agenda

News today from Westminster re Cocklemoor. David Warburton has now written once again to the Environment Secretary urging her to take action and asking the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) to demand that the EA return Cocklemoor to Langport free of charge. As the Langport Leveller has reported previously, our new MP contacted the Secretary of State for the Environment Liz Truss MP in the weeks leading up to the election, and was assured that she would speak to the EA once the election purdah period was over.

David explains “I’ve been in regular touch with DEFRA and I’m asking the Environment Secretary to get in touch with the EA and settle this dispute immediately.  Cocklemoor should be returned to Langport without charge, in accordance with the precedent set in 1974 when it was originally transferred.  I intend to do everything I can to ensure that happens. DEFRA has assured me that this issue is being treated as a priority and that steps are being taken to take the matter to a satisfactory conclusion for the Langport community.”

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