Close – but not that close

This morning primary school admission figures were published across the country. In Somerset 97.7% of children were offered a primary school place at one of their top three choices. And of those 92.17% received their first choice.

So that’s good? With 5,664 children entering primary school getting everyone to the school they want is quite a logistical exercise. But that still means that over 100 children did not get one of their top three choices.

It isn’t bad, but it certainly isn’t as good as last year. For the 2018 intake though Somerset County Council managed to get 98.4% of pupils into one of their top three choices and 93.8% into their first choice. So this year’s performance is less impressive.

SCC confirmed to The Leveller that anyone who applied for places online will receive the outcome by email today (16th April). Those who applied using paper forms will receive notification by post “in the coming days.”

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