Cheddar and Highbridge to get drive in movies

To banish the grey skies and the lingering shadow of COVID Sedgemoor District Council have plans afoot. Working with eat:Festivals there will be a programme of events across the next three months. These start with two drive in cinema days.

Funded by the Government Welcome Back Fund the drive ins will be a Highbridge and Cheddar. First at Apex Park in Highbridge on Friday 21st January you can catch:

  • ‘Cars’ f shown at 1630 hrs (gates open at 1530 hrs) and all-time classic
  • ‘Dirty Dancing’ at 2000 hrs (gates open at 1900 hrs)

On Saturday 22 January at Cheddar car boot sale ground you can choose from three blockbusters:

  • ‘Monsters inc’ will be shown at 1300 hrs (gates open 1200 hrs);
  • ‘The Greatest Showman’ will be screened at 1630 hrs (gates open at 1530 hrs) and finally
  • ‘North by Northwest’ will be shown at 2000 hrs (gates open at 1900 hrs). 

The movies are all free but you must book tickets. This is simply to control numbers. Tickets are available to book now, the  links and further information can be found on the council website at

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  1. Graham Livings Reply

    TOILETS: Changing Places 2022? v TOURISM? v DISNEY COMES TO CHEDDAR!

    A New Year, the Leveller’ pre-eminent in ‘truth to power’ and its ‘absurdities’ to ‘banish the grey skies and the lingering shadow of COVID’! Sedgemoor District Council have plans afoot! The ‘realpolitik’ should be the ‘announcement’ from Longleat Estate to the re-opening of the ‘internationally’ renowned caves, pace Messrs Cox & Gough? On enquiry of Cheddar Parish Council, to be informed the only communication seen with Longleat Estateis that the caves may be open for Easter 2022? The Parish council were aware of the ‘rumours’ regarding the selling of the caves, but this has not ever been substantiated; perhaps ‘enlightenment’ from the ‘esteemed’ Marquesses of Bath and enquiry of Sedgemoor District Council’s Tourism ‘custodians’? Wookey Hole Caves having seized the ‘initiative’ on re-opening! Of course with the envisaged ‘demise’ of District Councils a ‘Pandora’s Box’ wherein culpability, the ‘immediate’ priority of ‘public’ toilet-facilities, an ‘indictment’ currently to the ‘international’ reputation’ again of which the Parish Council confirming, they suspect (although don’t know for sure) that the toilets will end up eventually in the Parish Council control, because of the demise of the District Councils, but for now there are no plans and it is more of a wait and ‘pee’ situation?

    The Police & Crime Commissioner in his ‘weekly-tweet’ takes credit to the resolution to the continuing ‘anti-social’ vandalism of which the Parish Council have been trying very hard to prevent, but it has been an uphill struggle and probably beyond even a local bobby sadly. ( Not always the case a ‘good’ copper’ resident in the village police station!) now devolved to a ‘multi-agency’ therein the deficit in many a ‘public’ abuse, the Commissioner conveniently omitted in his ‘tweets’ the police funded the ‘gabions’ in the car parks & throughout the Gorge and Longleat Estate installed them, at what cost?

    Whither the ‘elected/co-opted’ members across the existing ‘three’ tiers of local governance; having acquiescence in the closure of Cheddar Police Station, similarly Wells; subsequently ‘speculative’ property development, the question of a Freedom of Information ‘disclosure’ claw-back resolution, rather than the axiomatic raid on local authority precepts?

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