Chard Regeneration update

South Somerset District Council have announced that the launch of their Chard Regeneration scheme was a success. Last month SSDC held its second consultation event regarding the regeneration plans for the town centre.

Initial plans for a library and community hub were shared, along with plans to ensure the heritage of the site is reflected within the scheme. The launch provided an opportunity to discuss the wider public realm enhancement plans for the town centre alongside the transport and parking provisions that are being considered.

We are told that the “consultation event unveil(ed) detailed plans to more than 500 people.” And further that “Over 100 people left written comments and several emails were received. These have been read by the project team and a list of the key questions that were asked have now been answered and posted online.

The population of Chard is 13,000 and with the villages that form its natural hinterland that look to Chard as a centre, that rises to around 20,000.

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