Candidates last words!

We are getting towards the end game in the 2019 General Election.

We asked all of the candidates for the Somerton & Frome constituency to give you their final pitch today. You’ve probably seen and heard a lot of words. Nationally there have been a lot of promises and numbers have been scattered around like confetti.

What we wanted to do as we head towards the polls was get a succinct message, something that precisely tells you what each candidate is about.

So we asked each candidate to cut through the waffle. Give us your pitch in 50 words. This is what they had to say for themselves.

The rest is up to you the voter….

Adam Boyden (LibDem):This election should have been about the economy, rural communities, NHS, schools, our planet – it wasn’t. I am sorry we didn’t make enough progress on offering a united choice to voters. Take a second look, use your vote effectively, the Liberal Democrats offer fair votes, fair economy, a protected environment.”

Andrea Dexter (Green Party):Wake up on Friday morning knowing that you whoever you voted for and whatever the result, you stayed true to yourself and stood up for your values. That way builds a stronger society no government can ignore. Please vote Green this time, don’t wait. If not now, when?”

Sean Dromgoole (Labour):Labour’s message is of hope. Hope for the climate with our Green Industrial Revolution. Hope for students with no fees and maintenance grants. Hope for nurses and teachers with a 5% pay rise. Hope for the NHS and Education getting the resources they need. Vote Labour in Somerton and Frome.”

David Warburton (Conservative):Be in no doubt – parliamentary Brexit stalemate caused this election. Britain will only move forward and confront other vital issues by first getting Brexit over the line. A vote for me in Somerton & Frome will mean a strong voice in Government to deliver Brexit and build for the future.”

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