Can they count down there?

It is now 8.30 and whilst we understand that Kensington is going through the recount mill and must be very close indeed, the remaining 3 seats to declare are in Cornwall. Why is that? The most geographically widespread constituency in England is Somerton and Frome and that declared before 4am.

It is not that Cornwall is remote, let’s face it that is nothing as compared to Orkeny and Shetland which had managed to declare their results by 5pm. We are left with just two possibilities. Either the 3 remaining Cornish seats are too close to call – possible but unlikely as generally these are safe Tory shire seats. Or perhaps this is a slur on the education system in Cornwall. Surely they are not struggling to find enough people who can count, or people who can count quickly enough?

No I’m going to assume they are too close to call. But Cornwall – what is the world coming too

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