But not in Somerton & Frome

We predicted this when we wrote the editorial for the December edition of The Leveller®. There is a void at the heart of British politics.

This election you will be told was decisive.

It produced a majority for the Conservatives.

It produced a mandate.

None of those statements except in part the latter, are absolutely true.

What did happen was that the Conservatives got more seats than anyone else with a vote of…. 13.9m

However that pales into insignificance (or not as you view it) next to the 15.6m voters (32.7% of the total) who chose not to vote.

Once again the real outcome is a vote of indifference. A vote that could be interpreted as idleness. It could be interpreted as a damnation on the political class. It could be interpreted as a rejection of our electoral system.

But it will have to be interpreted because it is a chasm, a void at the heart of our electoral system.

Against that background and on a cheery note, congratulations to all the candidates who stood for election in Somerton & Frome. There may have only been one winner (David Warburton) but all of you (Adam Boyden, Andrea Dexter, Sean Dromgoole) produced enough debate and engagement to persuade 75.9% of the voters turned out. That’s considerably more than the national average of 67.3%

And that is surely worth celebrating.

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