Bridgewater post office

I’m delighted to tell you that when you read the May edition of the Leveller, the editorial will be out of date. I’m delighted because the central character in the piece is the Bridgwater Post Office. And it is out of date because against all expectations and in the face of fierce lobbying, the Post Office reopened today at the same location in the town centre. Please read the article, though, the central point is still valid and raises some serious questions about the future of the Post Office in our county.

But for now I’ll leave the final word to that eternal character “a spokesperson said” and this is what they said….

We are pleased to say that Bridgwater Post Office has re-opened this morning at the same location. The branch had been temporarily closed since Saturday as the company, which had operated the branch on our behalf, ceased trading at short notice. We apologise for any inconvenience caused by the temporary closure, which was unfortunately beyond our control. We have worked hard to restore service to the area as quickly as possible, and pleased that we are able to serve the community once again.

“We are also looking for a permanent postmaster to take over the running of this branch. The vacancy is advertised on our website – we would encourage anyone interested in this new business opportunity to get in touch with us.”

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