Boys did A Levels too shock

Around the country today young people have had their A Level results. And we do of course wish them all every success both now and in their studies and careers ahead.

However having run a perusal of all of the national newspapers covering the results day you would be hard pressed to believe that any boys had actually sat A Level exams at all. The Daily Express bought a piccy of a couple of girls from Shutterstock which we can’t show you and the Sun also has protective software on its images which shockingly did actually include a picture of a boy. Admittedly he was pushed into the background but he was undeniably there.

How did the other national papers cover the A Level results?

Daily Mail


Daily Mirror


Daily Telegraph


Even the right on Guardian felt unable to give us a picture of boys with their results:


So let us give credit where credit is due. In all of the coverage of A Level results the only press that seem to have deigned to recognise that boys too might have had some results to think about were our local press in Somerset. Well done to the County Gazette and Western Gazette for at least having the temerity to include boys in their photos of A Level results day:

County Gazette

County Gazette

Western Gazette

Western gazette

I guess you’d have to say that this is how girls and women probably feel treated most of the time. So perhaps it is good to shine the light and make the point and try to remember to do it in reverse for all those other news stories throughout the year!

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