Blue on blue action!

Two MPs from the same party representing constituencies in the south west might be expected to rub along just fine.

They might be thought to have similar views. But not Marcus Fysh, Conservative MP for Yeovil and Sir Oliver Letwin, Conservative MP of neighbouring constituency, Dorset West.

Mr Fysh was heard to observe that “Oliver Letwin on R4 Today shows he does not have the first understanding that a customs union with the EU would not be frictionless, and that such would give EU complete control of our trading conditions. Not fit to be an MP, let alone one destroying our constitution

Maybe Mr Fysh has a poor grasp of how Parliamentary democracy works? As we at Leveller Towers read it, fitness to be an MP is generally agreed to be determined by their constituents in a General Election (or by-election) rather than the views of other MPs.

Unless of course he knows something of Sir Oliver’s circumstances that we are not aware of. For it is true that were Sir Oliver to be a convict, a bankrupt, an MEP, a bishop or a judge, then yes he would not only not be fit, but he would be disqualified as unfit to be an MP.



  1. Gwen Cantwell Reply

    Why have you at the Leveller taken one MPs side over the other? At least Marcus Fysh supports his constituents line, not sure Letwin does.

    1. Andrew Lee Reply

      We obviously have to agree to differ. Our article was prompted by Marcus Fysh declaring a fellow MP was unfit. His words not ours. We wondered on what basis he reached that opinion and why he thought he knew better than Mr Letwin’s constituents.

  2. Niall Clifford Reply

    This week’s Private Eye gives the latest details of our valued MP’s financial affairs under the headline “Slippery Fysh”

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