Beware of water!

There has been a lot of surface water on the roads across the Levels today. we are not aware of any roads actually cut (though the entrance to Broadway is not good, but now it is dark please drive carefully.

The latest update from the Environment Agency (below) suggests things are working pretty much as they should be – so far!


Weather and general overview for Somerset

More than 50mm of rain fell in some catchments over the weekend because of Storm Angus. In the last 12 hours another 40mm has fallen over the Tone catchment.

Heavy rain is forecast until tomorrow morning, which may result in the spillways running. The weather outlook from Tuesday morning is that the rain will start to clear.

The peak of the flow is expected to come through the upper catchments (the Isle and Parrett) later this afternoon.

Pumping stations

Pumps are operating at all of our pumping stations when enough water is available to pump .  One of the four pumps at Northmoor was damaged yesterday because of a power failure and is being repaired. The remaining three pumps are more than capable to cope with the current situation.

The Monksleaze Clyce was opened yesterday to allow water to flow through the River Sowy. This kept the Rivers Parrett and Tone at a level to allow pumping in both Currymoor and Northmoor.

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